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Training equipment and teaching aids for school classrooms

Complex equipment of classrooms - physics, chemistry, biology, life safety and military training, geography, history, Russian language and literature, mathematics, economics, equipment, training of primary school and other offices in the secondary school: the current demonstration and laboratory equipment, facilities learning, visual and audio screen-aids, electronic learning aids.

  • Training equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, life safety and military training, completed with other subjects in classes in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.
  • School equipment is certified and meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science, safe for the health of students.
  • The optimal equipment of schools training equipment, a well thought-out tasks in accordance with a program of school subjects.
  • We participate in tenders for the supply of educational equipment (quotes, electronic auctions, contests), preparation of technical specifications for the bidding (auction) documentation.
  • We conduct workshops for teachers and other workers (theoretical and practical introduction to the use of teaching equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, training aids, life safety and military training). 

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